• Transverse Arch Support Insert - T Shaped

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    These inserts are very effective when it comes to foot pain relief. They help put the forefoot into the correct position to avoid muscle strain. 2GO’s professionally designed inserts relieve muscles exhaustion by shifting pressure to the right muscles. They provide stability and balance while insuring a proper transversal arch in your feet.

    People suffering from metatarsalgia (pain or discomfort in the forefoot or "ball of the foot") will find the insoles to be a reliable long-term solution to their problem.

    Orthopedic insoles for flat feet

    Our inserts support the foot by gently lifting the area behind the ball of the foot, thereby creating the transverse arch you are missing when you have flat feet. Due to poor foot posture when walking, there is uneven stress on certain muscles and reduced demand on others compared to a foot with a normal transversal arch. When you get foot orthotics, they overcome this imbalance, lowering demand on the muscles that were previously being overworked while upping demand toward previously underworked ones.

    Insoles to Restore Your Natural Arch

    These insoles will help recreate a natural foot arch (specifically a transversal arch) by providing the right support. This relieves pain quickly because your posture is corrected, but also eliminates the problem going forward by strengthening the right muscles to take over.     

    Transversal arch deformation can lead to bunions, which are bumps on the side of your big toe. This condition, where the big toe curves toward your other toes, can make even walking a short distance painful. In addition, it can irritate your big toe and second toe, causing inflammation.  

    These insoles are made of genuine vegetable tanned leather. They minimize moisture, ensure high comfort, and are very durable. You will enjoy them for a very long time.

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