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    Leather insoles have innumerable benefits. They are comfortable, elegant, sustainable, breathable, and beautiful. Leather adapts to individual gaits. Insoles made of this material feel very classy to wear, and they are.

    Last but not least, leather insoles are aesthetically appealing with a luxury feel. Danish company 2GO’s insoles offer just the right amount of cushioning to ensure supreme comfort.

    Best leather insoles for shoes        

    Our inserts are made of genuine tanned leather, which is super durable and keeps your feet dry. The latex rubber bottom keeps the insole firmly in place. You can lay them on top of your old insoles, but we normally recommend to replace them. Wearing two pairs is convenient only if your shoes are a bit too big. The insoles will reduce them by half a size.   

    Leather retains its shape for a long period of time. It helps you avoid athlete’s foot, excessive sweating, and other common foot issues. Leather insoles are perfect for people who need to be on their feet for a few hours a day.

    Leather shoe insoles: Because you love luxury and comfort     

    Our satisfied customers are looking for luxurious insoles that provide great comfort while reducing moisture and odor and that’s exactly what they find and get. Leather shoe insoles are also a good choice for people who don’t want to throw out their original insoles. They can be worn with most everyday shoes. Due to the very superior quality of the material, they are likely to outlast your shoes. Leather is highly resistant to wear and tear.

    The leather insoles are good for everyday activities like walking and standing. If you need insoles for a specific sport, check out our performance category. For medical conditions, have a look at our orthotic products.                                                                                                                            

    Leather insole characteristics

    The insoles come in every size from 36 to 46. You clean them using a damp cloth and mild soap. The visible part of the insole comes in black or the color of natural leather depending on your preference. As the insoles do take up some space, make sure your shoes aren’t already a tight fit if you’re going to insert them on top of the original insole. Pick the same size as your shoe size.

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