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    These deodorant insoles are freshly scented insoles that contain activated carbon to remove odor and absorb sweat. These soft insoles also have a light cushioning effect. People who have issues with foot odor or moisture and/or want their feet to be fresh and clean all the time will love them.

    How to fix smelly feet         

    The activated carbon in our DEO insoles absorbs moisture and odor very effectively. They are perforated to enable transportation and accelerate carbon moisture absorption. The gentle and pleasant aroma will leave your shoes smelling fresh every time.

    Use of these insoles is not limited to a specific shoe type. They can be cut to size to fit any shoe. They are also quite slim, taking up virtually no space in shoes. Yet, they do take up a bit, so if your shoes are already tight, opt for our "Replace" insoles instead. These are super-thin, the slimmest insoles that exist on the market, but of supreme quality at the same time.

    Eliminate bad foot odor                  

    Apart from the odor-eliminating activated carbon, DEO insoles have a top layer of breathable viscose fabric and a bottom one of latex foam. In combination, these materials work to ensure odor-free feet. The insoles are not limited to a specific activity. Rather, people performing any physically strenuous activity will appreciate them because they combat smell and moisture, which many active people have problems with.         

    Choosing the right size                                                                                            

    Since the insoles are "cut to size", you don’t need to worry about yours. You simply cut them to fit your shoe. They cover each size between 36 and 47. Please keep in mind the self-refreshing insoles are not washable. They are quite discreet, the visible part of the insole being pale grey or white with fine perforations to facilitate breathability.   

    Easy to use

    To wear DEO insoles, follow the contours for your size on the back using a pair of scissors. Then, simply insert them into your shoes.

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