• Dual-Colour Shoelaces

    With Dual-Colour Shoelaces, Two Worlds Collide

    The starkest contrasts and the most versatile combinations. The brightest colours and the highest quality. The standard width and the extra-special, special features. Two-colour shoelaces aren't just your average pair of laces, which is why you came to an above-average shoelace store, where boldness, creativity, and a clear sense of style are rewarded. So go forth, through our style-forward fiesta of footwear fashion focal points, and get ready to wow.

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    Replace Old Laces with Irreplaceable Laces

    Let's get this out of the way: whatever pair of shoelaces that came with the shoes you bought are not only rubbish, they're boring. So, yeah, they're boring rubbish. Put them in the bin where they can live out the rest of their days. Then, replace them with some dual-colour shoelaces, which not only come in various colours in your desired length, but they're also the exact opposite of rubbish, which is…valuable? Yeah. Valuable.

    Uniquely FeetUnique

    Two-colour shoelaces act as an automatic shoe facelift, and our exclusive selection means that you're the only one who will have this style unless someone in your social circle also purchased the same pair from us, meaning these don't just come with a pair of shoes, nor can they be picked up randomly in a shop. It's a near-certainty that, with our dual-coloured shoelaces, your lace-to-shoe game will be truly, and unmistakably, one-of-a-kind.

    Change Your Look on the Fly

    You can thread your dual-colour shoelaces any way you like, and since they come in standard width and a variety of lengths, you can rest easy knowing they'll fit through your shoes' eyelets seamlessly. Maybe first you have them laced up like we have them in the photo, and then you do halves down the middle, then across the middle, then do one solid colour if you like! The possibilities are truly endless (we've even seen shoes rocking mismatched lace-ups!)

    Multiple Colours for Multiple Types of Shoes.

    We try to provide the most universally workable combination of colours, and we plan on adding more on an ongoing basis. (Please let us know if you have a "If only you people had this combo!" request.) But the lengths range as well, so you can spice up a big pair of hiking boots, or cutify a tiny pair of baby shoes, we have it all. Really, the question should be: "Which pair of shoes shouldn't have two colours?"

    Two-Sided Laces, But Covered from Every Angle

    We're so confident that our dual-colour shoelaces will last forever, our return policy never expires. They also won't come undone either once they're securely tied, because they have a friction that's completely and utterly absent from most generic shoelaces. And neither of the two colours will fade, retaining the same vibrancy a hundred years from now as they did the day you got them. We don't just guarantee you'll love these laces, we guarantee that your great-great-grandkids will too.

    All Colour Combos are Environmentally Friendly

    They might look otherworldly, but they were made with our world in mind. All of our laces are certified eco-conscientious OEKO-TEX®, the textile industry standard in textile production testing. You can learn more about their STANDARD 100 certification system here. It's actually more interesting than you might think, although we are biased, since, you know, we're pretty proud of it.