• Square Leather Shoelaces

    Leather Shoelaces, Made for Ocean Views

    Breathe in the salty air. Pop open something sudsy or bubbly. Wear sunglasses because you have to, and a captain's hat because you can. It doesn't get better than life on the boat, and square leather shoelaces don't get better than right here. Made for jumping from dock to deck, these high-quality laces are ready for whatever port you're headed to, even if it's just to the Port of Luxury, which is anywhere you can kick your feet up, admire your new leather shoelaces, and enjoy the little things in life, like looking out over the enormous ocean.

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    The Specs for Square Leather Shoelaces

    - Width: Square-shaped shoelaces with a width and height of 3mm.
    - Length: 130 cm, which can be cut to any length you want. (Since there's no tip, there's no problem!)
    - Ideal for boat shoes & loafers.
    - Made of 100% genuine leather.
    - Durability: 6/10.
    - Stretch: 15%
    - Water- and stain-resistant.

    Real Replacement Laces

    If you need to replace your boat shoe laces, chances are it was the pair that came with the shoe. They just want you to be able to wear them out of the shop, and that's where they think their obligations end, apparently. We make real leather shoelaces made for the place people who wear loafers tend to go: the dock, the beach, on the boat, in the yacht club. This is the versatile and stylish pair of laces that will always be there for you, through clear skies and squalls.

    High Fashion for the High Seas

    A timeless classic ideal for both idyllic seaside scenes and heavy sailing winds, you'll know you made the right decision the moment you open them up. As anyone who’s bought them knows, leather shoelaces have that brand-new smell no other type of shoelaces can hold a candle to, not even a scented candle. Our goal was to make a product that looks as good on paper as it does on your feet, so we did just that. The result is a tailored accessory that look so good, they may get distracting if you wear them sightseeing.

    Ready for the Waterfront

    While these are certainly luxury leather shoelaces, they're not afraid to rough it. We're talking water resistance and stain resistance, which means you don't have to bat an eye at some sea water splashage, or worry if some of your ice cold beer spills while you're celebrating the trophy-worthy peacock grouper you just spearfished. And with 15% stretch, you can enjoy a comfortable flexibility while you haul that bad boy to the taxidermist.

    Unrivalled Prices and Quality

    Boat shoes, loafers, or whatever it is you call the sleek and sexy footwear that would go well with these square leather shoelaces probably cost a pretty penny, but their laces don't have to. Find a wide range of options, all for under four pounds, and for a quality that drowns out the competition. Day in and day out, you can rest easy knowing that you're not going to be tying up frayed or faded laces, you'll be tying up laces that still look brand-new years later. Because the laces are 100% genuine leather, they don't last as long as our polyester laces, but boy do they look classier.

    Eco-Friendly Leather

    You deserve to boat on the cleanest water and in the safest weather conditions, which is why all of our laces are certified by OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100 testing. We can already tell you're dying to know exactly what that means, which can all be found here. Basically, FeetUnique uses bleach, dyes, and other chemicals for our laces in the most environmentally-friendly way we can. The result? Cleaner oceans, better boating, and…well, it helps us sleep at night, too.