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    Sport Plus is an insole that will not only boost your performance, but also make sure you’re always protected from injuries when doing sports or exercising. To guarantee optimal conditions for top performance, the right support for your feet is of paramount importance. Incorrect posture when playing a sport is more common than you may think. It’s also the leading cause of pain, tiredness, and injuries.                                                                                             

    Best insoles for running                                          

    Running is good for you – generally. With the wrong posture, however, it can be bad, even dangerous. Your muscles will get weaker from having to bear higher than optimal pressure. You might begin experiencing ligament, bone, or tendon issues because your skeletal system is taking all the impact instead of your muscles. The first sign of improper posture is getting sore and tired quickly. Looking at it long-term, you’re more likely to suffer from chronic pain and get injuries. You need to make the right decisions now.

    The Sport Plus insole will provide superior cushioning for your feet as well as optimal support. Reducing the effects of repeated impact will make it possible to perform longer while limiting the risk of pain and injuries a great deal.

    Best insoles for hiking                                                                                                         

    These insoles were designed for very active use, which is why they are lightweight and anatomically shaped to hold your feet in place. They’re suitable for most types of sport and hiking as well as more leisurely activities. They improve physical performance and reduce existing pain experienced in the process.

    Excessive impact to the heel causes immediate pain and increases the likelihood of a future injury. The Sport Plus insole is excellent at absorbing and minimizing impact on feet and heels. It ensures correct posture, meaning the muscles you want impacted will grow stronger.                 

    Almost universal insoles     

    These insoles will fit in almost every sports shoe, hiking shoe, and more. They guarantee optimal all-round performance. The insoles are washable and split in size ranges covering every possible size. The top side of the insole is blue. To insert it properly, make sure the heel is up against the back of the shoe.

    The insoles are suitable for anyone who’s physically active. If you have a condition like plantar fasciitis or heel spurs or moderate to severe heel pain, have a look at our orthopedic product category instead.  

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