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    Oval white shoelaces

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    Oval White Shoelaces Show What You're Made Of

    Performance laces for the high-performing performer, oval white shoelaces take running shoes to the next level.

    Oh, are you already on the top level? Is the current Olympic Gold Medallist reading this? Or is this the most recent winner of the Spartathlon?


    If that's the case, these laces will help you invent a level never before thought humanly possible.

    Oval white shoelaces are for the early-morning joggers, those who don't need an audience – they get their slow clapping from the taps of their feet on the pavement. It's for the midnight runners who don't mind having pedestrians think they're a criminal running up behind them. When it's time to work out, it's time to work out, and when the light is low, these white laces almost light up your path ahead.

    White is every colour combined into one, which must be why white goes with every colour, including itself. These laces look right on every colour and on every type of shoe. Although they're not great if you're planning on getting muddy. White and mud (literally) don't mix.

    You're a powerhouse of bones and effort. Oval white shoelaces invite you to match your bones while showing off your effort.

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    Product Code: 6M-Oval-White
    Width: 6mm
    Made of high quality polyester
    Commonly used in sports shoes
    Can stretch 15%
    OEKO-TEX® Certificate Approved