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round purple dress shoelaces

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Round Purple Dress Shoelaces Show Up Without Showing Off

When red is too hard on the eyes and blue is too soft on the emotions, round purple dress shoelaces add that perfect style to dress shoes. It’s the colour you go to when you need to be both approachable yet command being taken seriously.

I guess it's safe to say that these laces match you to a T, huh?

Being loud isn't your forte. If you have a good point, there's no reason to shout it. Same with these purple laces. They add class and sophistication without demanding a shiny crown for it. They're of premium quality without the outlandish price tag. They offer a comfort and style that the shoelaces that came with the shoes couldn't come close to, but they are also just shoelaces, after all.

Purple is a powerful colour. It's a colour that goes as well with black as it does over white, but each give off a completely different personality. And it goes with every colour between – whenever we hear that purple doesn't go with a colour, we see an example of a combination that defies that opinion.

Round purple dress shoelaces project a royal level of independence. So, yeah, they're pretty close to perfect for you.

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Product Code: 3M-Classic-Purple
Thin wax-layer
Made of cotton
Stretch 0%
Width: 2,5mm
OEKO-TEX® Certificate Approved
Commonly used with dress shoes