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    Super wide navy blue shoelaces

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    Super Wide Navy Blue Shoelaces Put Trainers Above and Beyond

    Wear the colour of the midnight sky with super wide navy blue shoelaces in your trainers, and instantly become the best-looking person on that particular evening.

    How do we know that for sure? Because in these laces, my friend, that will be you. Every single time, guaranteed.

    Navy blue apparel is a clever and deliberate change from black, which makes it a standout colour. It's not necessarily trying to show off, but it knows it can look good without doing what everybody else is doing. And others will take notice: the person who looks the best is obviously going to be noticed.

    You came to a premium shoelaces store and clicked on one of the most stylish and exciting style of laces, then went with navy blue. That tells us that you have a particular pair of shoes in mind for these laces. And we'd bet good money that the combination will be one of the most daring pairings that's ever stepped through a doorway.

    With super wide navy blue shoelaces on, the only thing you can't accomplish is going back in time, since that's theoretically impossible. Otherwise, you…

    You know what? No. You could probably go back in time too. These laces are that exceptional.

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    Product Code: 18M-Flat-NavyBlue
    Width: 16mm
    Made of high quality polyester