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    Blue curly shoelaces

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    • Elasticity provides a comfortable fit
    • Never tie shoelaces again
    • Turns any shoes into slip-ons

    Blue Curly Shoelaces

    These may be blue curly shoelaces, but these no-tie elastic numbers will give you anything but the blues. They do have the tendency to get your foot tapping, however, because they're nothing if not groovy.

    When you close your eyes, you can just feel them, can't you? The smoooooth way you can just slip your feet inside for a snug but comfortable fit. The cooooool way they look on your trainers. In fact, Robert Cray's 1983 song "Bad Influence" might play as you strut down the sidewalk, the hallways, the park, or wherever you want to be seen after you slip your shoes on.

    They might be an old-school style, but they'll be new to your school, and people will take notice. You can just be walking along and suddenly realise that, although it's crowded, everyone's gone silent. They're checking out your laces. They can't look away.

    And then you do a spin and point to the ceiling like a legend, and the place just erupts. It's not because of your blue curly shoelaces—you're the one rocking them—but they helped.

    Listen to that crowd! They love you.

    Whether atop a white shoe, blending in with a blue, or mixed with whatever colour your unique style calls for, you'll never have to tie your trainers again, and you'll never want to.

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