• Adidas Yeezy - Rope Laces Black and White

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    Sneakers Dazzle with White and Black Rope Shoelaces

    Short of buying a new pair of shoes, the easiest way to make your sneakers impressive is with white and black rope shoelaces. These look great no matter what the design of the sneakers. Even better, they actually optimize your footwear's comfort, providing a breathable but secure fit average laces just can't compete with. When you're looking for the highest quality at the best prices and in the colors you've been searching for, you go with white and black rope shoelaces from FeetUnique.


    Classic Style That Goes with Every Shoe

    Nothing's classier or more timeless than black and white. While you can't have a color combination with a more distinct contrast — they are on the opposite ends of the color spectrum after all — they're also versatile, able to fit inside any sneakers and look great. You could have black and white shoes or sneakers that feature every color of the rainbow. No matter what, black and white rope shoelaces look great, and feel even better.


    Universal Fit That Slides into Every Sneaker

    Rest assured that we make our shoelaces in the width that slides inside every pair of sneakers. That means you can totally customize the length and the colors of your rope shoelaces while knowing for sure that your feet will be comfortable, secure, and ready for anything. Don't get tripped up by fraying or extra-long shoelaces. Go with the highest quality so you know your shoes are the best they can be.


    The Value of Our White and Black Rope Shoelaces

    The colors don't fade and the durability is simply unequaled in the industry. You won't find a better value or a team more committed to your satisfaction. In fact, we're so certain you'll love your new laces, we'll return your money if they're not your dream footwear accessory. Your search is over. Toss out the laces that came with your sneakers, and get ready for the difference white and black rope shoelaces make.

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