• Elastic Flat Dark Brown Shoelaces (No Tie)

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    • Doesn't fray or break
    • Turns any shoes into slip-ons
    • Never tie shoelaces again
    • Elasticity provides a comfortable fit

    Tying shoelaces is officially a waste of time.

    You’ve discovered no-tie flat shoelaces. That means you’ll never have to spend time tying and untying your shoes again. Your sneakers also won’t have the excess laces. That means you won’t trip on anything or get anything caught in your bike. Instead, you’ll have a smooth, stylish shoe you can slip on and enjoy without a second wasted.

    Customize your sneakers with dark brown laces.

    When you receive your new pair of no-tie flat shoelaces, the first thing you’ll notice is how the color looks exactly like the picture. You’re buying these to create a custom look, and that’s precisely what these laces deliver. Then you lace them up like you would any other shoe, pull them tight, secure with the locks, and you’re good to go. It’s that easy.

    Two laces and four locks mean you’ll only tie your shoes one time.

    Your package will include a pair of elastic laces and four locks. Once you lace up your shoes, you trim the excess lace and set the locks in place. Then tying your shoes becomes nothing more than a memory.

    Enjoy the highest quality laces on the market.

    Dark brown no-tie elastic shoelaces from FeetUnique last longer, feel more comfortable, and look better.
    If you’re not 100% satisfied with your shoelaces, we’ll refund your purchase, no need to send us back the item. 
    And on top of the amazing prices, we offer free shipping anywhere in the world.
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