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    Reflective lock orange shoelaces

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    • Easily adjustable tension
    • Turns any shoes into slip-ons
    • Doesn't fray or break
    • Get a unique look
    • One size fits all
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    Elastic Reflective Lock Neon Orange Shoelaces Make Shoes Spectacular

    Trainers come alive with elastic lock neon orange shoelaces, unlocking a higher performance you never thought was personally possible, and a kind of heightened, god-like condition the world thought wasn't humanly possible.

    If you walk into a party and ask what year it is, people will think you've just arrived from the future. And they'll want to know the secret of your futuristic speed and style. Simply gesture toward your laces. They'll glimmer in the light like neon signs that say: "This person is someone who is truly incredible."

    But let's get specific: consider the combination of quick adjustment meets unrivalled flexibility. It means that you could be doing sprints one minute, then click the button on these laces to adjust it to a different setting and be playing basketball the next.

    Don't think that small adjustment makes a difference? Ask any professional athlete how they feel about a low-quality pair of laces. (But don't ask a silver medallist. No one likes feeling regretful.)

    Take a moment to imagine the change that's about to happen. You're about to go from old-fashioned laces to no-tie laces that turn trainers into high-performance slip-ons. So this is no small adjustment.

    Elastic lock neon orange shoelaces amplify everything you do.

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    Product Code: 3M-ER-NeonOrange
    Width: 3mm